Thursday May 20th 6.30pm-8.30pm GMT

Sometimes when we perform there is a sense of atmosphere; there is magic in the air - as if by chance.

But is it chance? Why do some musicians seem to have more 'luck' in achieving that elusive 'pindrop' silence?

This workshop will look at ways to maximise the 'chance' of that happening and prove that 'atmosphere' can be crafted; we can make our own good luck!

£20 – max 6 players - Preferred repertoire is 'Chants de Nectaire' by Koechlin but happy to discuss other works.

Please email me on the contact page to reserve a place

Telemann Fantasies

Thursday June 17th 6.30-8.30pm GMT

Have you ever had the following thoughts - 

What do I do about ornamentation, tempi, articulation, dynamics?

The movements are so long!

Baroque etiquette is frightening!

I feel like an imposter playing Telemann on a modern flute!

Telemann composed the Fantasies in an improvisatory style as a framework for personal intepretation. The works are forward-looking, cosmopolitan and above all, human. 

I hope to give you lots of ideas so that the long movements feel shorter (!) and the confidence to go with your instinct.

£20 – max 6 players - Please have a look at and be prepared to a single movement or an entire Fantasy 

Please email me on the contact page to reserve a place

If you would like to know more, please contact me.