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Recent reviews

I found Nicki’s music incredibly moving and breathtakingly beautiful....Evan Dawson CEO "Live Music Now!" St. Georges, Bristol 24/9/2019


“We’ve been taken on a journey…. a historic, technical artistic and musical journey. This hall has been filled with the most wonderful sound.” U3A

"The lecture recital yesterday was SUPERB and constitutes one of the best events I've been to for years" - History Festival Committee 

"Thank you - that concert changed my life" ....  audience member.

"Nicola demonstrated her impressive technical skills including circular breathing.....this memorised and well thought-out recital came from the heart and provoked much conversation afterwards"  British Flute Society - PAN


"The technical demands were well-negotiated and the performance convincing. Nicola played with great sensitivity and the capacity audience made their appreciation clear at the end of what was a very enjoyable concert" British Flute Society - PAN



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