Flute and piano

One of my favourite offerings is a flute and piano recital of rarely heard, beautiful classical music influenced by folk music of the British Isles. George Macilwham was Scottish flautist and piper and his love of his native land flows though everything he wrote. His music is both fresh, poignant and lyrical and in turn abounds with the energy of folk dance.

Leighton's Serenade is a pastoral beauty and Vaughan-Williams' little gem is perfect!

Repertoire influenced by folk from further afield includes the ethereal Orange Dawn - influenced by dawn over the Great Rift Valley in East Africa, and the Copland Duo with all the space of the American plains.​

Closer to home the Doppler Fantaisie is almost entirely a cadenza in the style of a gypsy violinist and the Bartok dances are at the same time wild and eery,


Macilwham – Celtic Suite

Harty – In Ireland

Vaughan-Williams – Suite de Ballet

Leighton – Serenade

Macilwham – Lyric Sonata

Ian Clarke – Orange Dawn

Bartok – Rumanian Dances

Doppler- Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise

Copland – Duo

Flute and Horn Quartet

- with Cornucopia

The first time I heard Doppler's 'L'oiseau des Bois' for flute and four horns I couldn't believe that it wasn't a concerto for full orchestra, such is the range and richness of the combination. The flute flutters and soars high above the 'forest'.  


Add a piano for Ewazen’s amazing and uplifting large-scale sonata for flute, piano and horn and baritone for the exqusite Chinese songs by Alan Carr. 



Doppler - L'Oiseau des Bois

Ewazen - Ballade Pastorale and Dance

Doppler - Souvenir de Rigi

Telemann - Trio Sonatas

Carr - Chinese Songs

Classics for Horn Quartet

Flute and strings

- with old friends the renowned Lochrian Ensemble

I have known some of these players since I was fourteen years old! This is one of the finest chamber ensembles outside of London! There is so much wonderful repertoire for this combination but my pick would be two works by female composers alongside the classics.


Amy Beach - Theme &Variations for Flute and String Quartet

Cecile Chaminade arr Woodward - Concertino

Mozart - Flute Quartets

CPE Bach - Flute Quartets

Fife and Strum

- folk band

In this group I play folk flutes and whistles and sing with the amazingly rhythmic Sam Stennet on guitar and the awesome double-bassist Ron Phelan. Our musical backgrounds could not be more different but we have in common a love for evocative and energetic Celtic music which we shape together. Please read more and listen to us www.fifeandstrum.com



Traditional Irish and English reels, jigs, hornpipes and airs with our own contemporary twist and time-tested lyrics with new tunes. Can add a couple of Irish dancers to this gig!

If you would like to know more, please contact me.