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Flute and piano with Helen Reid

CELTIC FANTASY A programme influenced by folk music of the Bristish Isles. The composers include  George Macilwham, Scottish flautist and piper and his love of his native land flows though everything he wrote. Leighton's who's Serenade is a pastoral beauty and Vaughan-Williams' gorgeous Suite de Ballet!

Repertoire influenced by folk from further afield includes the ethereal Orange Dawn - influenced by dawn over the Great Rift Valley in East Africa, and the Copland Duo with all the space of the American plains.​ The Doppler Fantaisie is almost entirely a cadenza in the style of a gypsy violinist and the Bartok dances are at the same time wild and eery,

AIRBOURNE - a programme all about things that fly - Vivaldi's Goldfinch Concerto, Eagles  Kestrels, Famous birds by Saint Saens and Prokovief , Touching the Ether by Ian Clarke and Velocity by Kenji Bunch.


Macilwham – Celtic Suite

Harty – In Ireland

Vaughan-Williams – Suite de Ballet

Leighton – Serenade

Macilwham – Lyric Sonata

Ian Clarke – Orange Dawn

Bartok – Rumanian Dances

Doppler- Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise

Copland – Duo

Ensemble Elan  

- Flute / Violin / Viola / 'Cello

This newly formed ensemble with Jenny Glester, Bart Janczak and Jane Jewel is one of the most exciting collaborations I have worked with to date and involves 3 of Bristols finest professional string players. Our first concert was recently postponed due to Covid but we plan to reschedule our debut concert "The Perfect Cadence" in Autumn and will perform in Bristol and Rockhampton.

There is much beautiful repertoire for Flute and Strings - Mozart, CPE Bach, Haydn etc but we are also transcribing some of the great string quartets that work with flute - Dvorak, Borodin , Ravel for example.

Our concert experience includes an improvisation and the fou r of us playing from memory in different parts or the concert hall so that the audience can be immersed.

Other imminent plans include recording the Koechlin Quintets for Flute quartet plus Harp.

If you would like to know more, please contact me.

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