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Unaccompanied Flute

One World, One Flute

Every race, every people has sung of love, loss, pain and joy through the flute. While the scales and rhythms may vary, the sentiments are always the same. This concert is a celebration of our multi-cultural world and the music that binds us as people. 


I would love to share this beautiful and evocative music with you. I will play the flute, alto flute, piccolo, Thai bamboo flute, South American quena, Irish whistles and folk flute.

This programme is stunning by candlelight. 


“The first time I heard Nicki I was bowled over – this morning I am bowled over – all over again! Thank you for sharing your expertise, joy of playing and fun. It’s been a fabulous morning.” U3A


Marin Marais – Les Folies d’Espagne (France/Spain)

Wissam Boustany – ‘…. And the Wind Whispered’ (Lebanon)

Hoover – Kokopeli (Hopi – New Mexico)

Piazolla – Libertango (Argentina)

Chinese Trad – Lady Men Jiang

Miyagi – Haro no Umi (Japan)

Irish Trad – Amhran a Leabhair / Shores of Loch Gowna

Macilwham – Isle of Sula (Scotland)

Winds of Change

A fascinating and informative journey across several centuries via bamboo and baroque flutes, flute, alto flute and piccolo.


The repertoire in this programme is very special to me – the Telemann Fantasies are wonderfully ahead of their time and almost like improvisations. The incredibly expressive and unexpectedly emotional Sonata in A minor by CPE Bach is a joy to perform. Syrinx’ by Debussy tells a beautiful and moving love story and Koechlin's pastoral gems are almost never heard. The Great Train Race by Ian Clarke, sub-titled "the flute as you don’t normally hear it" is highly imaginative demonstration of the modern flute.

This programme and works even in a very intimate setting and will be of interest to flute-players and non-musicians alike. The contemporary technique explanations are humorous and encourage Q and A!

"The lecture recital yesterday was SUPERB and constitutes one of the best events I've been to for years" - History Festival Committee 


“We’ve been taken on a journey…. a historic, technical artistic and musical journey. This hall has been filled with the most wonderful sound.” U3A


Telemann Fantasies

CPE Bach - Sonata in A minor

Debussy - Syrinx

Koechlin - Chants de Nectaire

Ian Clarke - The Great Train Race

Macilwham - The Isle of Sula

Orchestral excerpts

Folk Improvisations

If you would like to know more, please contact me.

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