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Koechlin International Flute Competition

Here is the 'small print' below with all the detailed information you need. If you would like to enter, please fill in the form below and make payment to guarantee your place. You have received a PDF of a selection of 'Chants de Nectaire which you may perform or you may play any of the other 96! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email
Thank you and best of luck!


Your performance must include at least one of the ‘Chants de Nectaire’ and the rest is up to you! Your performance can include absolutely anything, but it MUST be composed for solo flute. You could offer standard repertoire, including studies, or improvisations, folk/world music or your own compositions. You may choose multiple movements, contrasting pieces or an entire programme of Koechlin in any order…. whatever inspires you to play, practise, create and perform.

N.B. there are 96 Chants de Nectaire in total, arranged in 3 books of 32, and you are welcome to play any of them. They are available complete or in 3 collections from;

Just Flutes, 0044 2086628424

All Flutes Plus

June Emerson 01439 788324

Billaudot or other leading music shops 



A) 14 years and under on 31st Aug 2021

Fee £20. Adjudicators; Kathleen Stevenson and Nicola Woodward. Time limit 4 mins


B) 18 years and under on 31st Aug 2021

Fee £25.  Adjudicators; Pierre-Yves Artaud and Nicola Woodward. Time limit 5 mins


C)  24 years and under on 31st Aug 2021

Fee £30. Adjudicators; Marc Grauwels and Nicola Woodward. Time limit 6 mins


D)  25 years and over on 1st Sept 2021

Fee £30. Adjudicators; Gitte Marcusson and Nicola Woodward. Time limit 6 mins


E)  Amateur – 19 years and over on 1st Sept 2021 - flautists who have not studied music for further education, older beginners and those who play for a hobby etc.

Fee £30. Adjudicators; Kathleen Stevenson and Nicola Woodward. Time limit 6 mins

Please contact me, Nicki, in strictest confidence if the entry fees are a problem we will do everything we can to help



The first prize in each category will be a complete copy of the 'Chants de Nectaire ' or voucher worth £65 plus a flute lesson with Gitte Marcusson and an invitation to perform live at the final Winners Concert and Seminar. Other prizes include lessons, vouchers and cash and will be allocated to runners up as the adjudicators choose.


Please announce your name, category you are entering (A, B, C, D or E) composer/s and pieces before you play but as part of the same recording. The speaking is not part of your time limit and may be done by someone else ie. a parent, teacher or friend if necessary. Both your spoken introduction and flute performance must be recorded IN ONE TAKE and they must be in the same take!

Quality of performance is more important that the quality of recording equipment but please do give some thought to placement of the camera!



Please fill in and send the application form. Film your performance on a mobile phone or any other device, upload it to YouTube and send the link. Please make sure that your YouTube video does not expire before April 30th and please make sure that it is set to 'UNLISTED'.- this means that only people with the link may view. We will only share the video with competition adjudicators and administrators. Whilst we will do all that we can to help you, it is your responsibility to make sure that your video available at the specified time in order to enter the competition.

If you need help please get in touch



Please fill in the application form and return to ASAP

Please upload your video and submit the link along with your name and category as a title, to…… by midnight on Sun 11th April.

Results by midnight Tues 27th April * Instructions on how to upload a video do can be found at the bottom of this email.

Winners Concert and Seminar Thurs 29th April 6pm GMT.


Winners will be invited to perform from their homes via Zoom on a live broadcast on YouTube as part of the final Winners Concert and Seminar on Thurs April 29th at 6pm GMT.

​All competitors will receive, written feedback from two adjudicators and an invitation to the Winners Concert and Seminar on Zoom.

  • If you are not happy to perform Live online that is perfectly acceptable and will not affect your chances of winning!

  • When you submit a video you are agreeing that it may be viewed by any of the 5 adjudicators. Your video will not be used further without your prior permission. 

  • The final Zoom seminar may be recorded and uploaded to YouTube as a public video.

Safe-guarding - as set out above in 'To Enter', your video will only be shared with relevant adjudicators and competition administrators. U18 must use a parent/guardian email on the entry form.


Whilst we will endeavour to honour everything set out as above, please understand that due to unforeseen circumstances that COVID-19 may throw at us, we reserve the right to make changes if necessary, including adjudicators and prize allocations. Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for any videos that are not accessible at the time of adjudicating. Thank you for your understanding.

* To upload a video to YouTube

1- Open YouTube and select the icon in the top right corner with 'your channel' logo

2- A tab will pop up - click on 'your channel'

3- Once you are looking at 'your channel' and videos, select the icon with a camera and a plus sign in it

4- Press 'upload video'

5 - Drag or select your video; then scroll down and there is an option - select ' no its not made for kids'

6 - Scroll down and press 'next'

7- Click 'unlisted' - this will mean that no-one can see your video unless you send them the link 

8- Copy and paste the link and send it to with your name and category as a title.

If you are over 50 and this is proving a nightmare - without wishing to be age-ist we can accept a small number of videos via WhatsApp! Please get in touch!


Please click on the appropriate button below to pay using PayPal. If you have any problems with payment, please email


Thanks for submitting!

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