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Performances and workshops

Online concerts


What we lose by not being live, we gain as the doors open to the whole world. Join me for a meditative experience from the comfort of your own home;

Chants de Nectaire Complete - from Clifton Cathedral in Bristol

Thurs Dec 10 8pm – Book I – d’Apres las Revolte des Anges

Thurs Jan 11 8pm – Book II – Dans la Foret Antique

Thurs Feb 11 8pm – Book III – Prieres, Corteges et Danses pour les Dieux Familiers


Competition – Following the success of the Flute Flight Competition



FOLK FLUTE Tues 1 Dec 6.30-8.30pm on ZOOM– FOLK FLUT

A relaxed and fun session to help classically trained players to find a more traditional sound.

£20 – max 5 players – I will send you a couple of tunes in advance so that we can experiment with style, ornamentation, rhythm and memory.

Please email me on the contact page to reserve a place



A relaxed session to address the issues faced by those who took up the flute late in life or who are returning to flute after a long break.

£20 – max 5 players – Please let me know in advance if you have any particular aspects that you would like to work on.

Please email me on the contact page to reserve a place.

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